Teljes szám 7-132
Loretta Huszák  / Erika Jáki
Bridging theory and practice in entrepreneurship education 8-14
András Bethlendi  / Árpád Szőcs
Geographical and sectoral overview of the most valuable start-ups 15-30
Loretta Huszák  / Katalin Oborni
Entrepreneurship Mentoring for Women at Universities 31-48
Goodluck Asobenie Kandonga  / Jingda Ding  / Yiqing Yuan
Moving toward sustainable software citation practices to improve the quality of scientific research 49-63
László Kállay
Balancing theory and practice in entrepreneurship education by applying the student-generated case study method 64-76
Chang-Yun Ku
Good Intention, Bad Intention, and Algorithm: Rethinking the Value of Nudge in the Era of Artificial Intelligence 77-85
Dániel Paksi
Technological singularity by culture; 86-94
Tamás Iványi  / Pál Danyi
Innovation in an entrepreneurship course according to class structure and design 95-108
Auli Viidalepp
The semiotic functioning of synthetic media 109-118
Richárd Péter-Szabó
How do students see the role of serious games in education? 119-132
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