Full Article: [pdf] DOI: https://doi.org/10.22503/inftars.XXII.2022.4.7 Language: en Author(s):  Dániel Paksi
Title: Technological singularity by culture; Subtitle: or the So Popular Concept of the Rise of the Machines That Will Never Come Abstract: The concept of technological singularity is very popular in both science and culture. However, in this paper I will argue that this concept is not sound; there is a severe contradiction in the mainstream Turingian approach because it neglects our evolutionary origin, which machines utterly lack, and this lets the so popular rise of the creatures concept into science—which, in fact, is just the new version of our most fundamental origin-story, the rebellion of Adam and Eve against God. However, we are, in reality, the children of evolution and machines are not, which makes a significant difference.
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