Full Article: [pdf] DOI: https://doi.org/10.22503/inftars.XXII.2022.4.8 Language: en Author(s):  Tamás Iványi  / Pál Danyi
Title: Innovation in an entrepreneurship course according to class structure and design Abstract: Entrepreneurship lecturing and student engagement in large classes of university students are a constant challenge for lecturers. The purpose of our paper is to present the validation of a student segmentation method that has become very successful. We present methodological novelties applied in a Launch of Innovative Businesses course and the connecting multiple cross-sectional research. The course can be completed in three ways, meeting the needs of three student segments identified in the classes. The quantitative primary research is based on hierarchical clustering that was applied to questionnaire data of five semesters’ student responses. Results confirm the existence of these segments and that most of the students signed up on entrepreneurship courses have clear preliminary expectations of the course. The presented design framework can be generally applied in large and small classroom environments, and can also be reused as a proven case.
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