Teljes szám 7-105
Máté Julesz
A perspective on the European Health Data Space 9-21
Márton Pál Iványi
Advent of the online Neo-subject 22-37
Jen-Chun Kang  / Chaoyun Liang
Determinants of the backfire effect: Discrepancies between two groups with different political orientations 38-57
Oleh Shynkarenko
Science Fiction in Ukraine: 1920–2020 58-72
Roman Krzanowski
Information: Modern Concepts 73-91
Mihály Héder  / Emine Gorgul  / Merve Calimli Akgun  / Ralf Mitschke
Current issues and future directions in engineering ethics education 92-101
Lu Yao
Holistic Data Security: A Balanced Approach to Data and Privacy 102-105
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