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Initial Submission

At InfTars we apply two sets of rules. For the initial submission, we don't ask the adherence to style and formatting. Therefore, you only have to do the formatting bits if your paper is accepted. This is what they sometimes call "Your paper, your way". 

Rules for the initial submission:

  • Please provide an abstract no longer than 150 words
  • The length of the submission should be between 20k-45k characters (incl. spaces)
  • Please provide 3-6 keywords
  • The file you upload should be prepared for blind review: that is your name and any other personal information should be removed
  • By submitting, you accept that the eventual publication will be licenced to Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-SA

Conditions of Submission

  • By submitting the paper you accept that your work, if accepted, will be published under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0.
  • You submit the paper with the knowledge and approval of all of the authors.
  • You submit original work, not currently under consideration elsewhere and not previously published except in pre-print databases.

Accepted papers

  • Please use the template that contains instructions also. 
  • For the references and any other styling issues, follow the Chicago Humanities style. Other than that, keep it simple, plain and preferably use Word or LibreOffice files.
  • Please, use British spelling if possible.


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