Teljes szám 7-101
Lectori Salutem! 7-7
Yahya Aydın
Comparing University Libraries in Different Cities in Turkey with regards to Digitalisation and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic 9-18
István Danka  / János Tanács
Rationalising Rule Violation in the Case of the Chernobyl Disaster: Six Systematic Excuses 19-37
Zoltán Gellér  / Tanja Jevremov  / Karlo Bala  / Dubravka Valić Nedeljković  / Mirjana Ivanović
Non-ICT Students’ Familiarity with Basic Internet Services and Tools at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University in Novi Sad 38-66
Babar Hussain Shah  / Zaheer Khan  / Saqib Riaz
Challenges in Tackling COVID-19 67-85
Gabriella Ürmösné Simon  / Endre Nyitrai
The phenomena of epidemic crime, deepfakes, fake news, and the role of forensic linguistics 86-101
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