Teljes szám 7-130
Lectori Salutem! 7-8
George A. Tilesch
Prelude 9-12
Aron Dombrovszki
The Unfounded Bias Against Autonomous Weapons Systems 13-28
Attila Gyulai  / Anna Ujlaki
The political AI 29-42
Karoline Reinhardt
Diversity-sensitive social platforms and responsibility 43-62
Kinga Sorbán
Ethical and legal implications of using AI-powered recommendation systems in streaming services 63-82
Constantin Vică  / Cristina Voinea  / Radu Uszkai
The emperor is naked 83-96
Peter Konhäusner  / Maria Margarita Cabrera Frias  / Dan-Cristian Dabija
Monetary Incentivization of Crowds by Platforms 97-118
Mihály Héder
AI and the resurrection of Technological Determinism 119-130
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