Teljes szám 7-153
Lectori Salutem! 7-8
Johanna Gonçalves Martin  / Florence Graezer Bideau  / Eric Hoesli  / Marc Laperrouza  / Roland Tormey
Developing interdisciplinary and intercultural skills in engineers through short-term field experiences 9-18
Anikó Kálmán  / Linda Citterio
Complexity as new normality: What is going on? 19-32
Eszter Nádasi
Surgeons, surgeries, and operating rooms in television medical series 33-54
Jesse de Pagter
Trust in robot futures: The role of sociotechnical potential 55-69
Veli-Pekka Pyrhönen  / Sonja Niiranen  / Eila Pajarre
Newly graduate engineers’ development of expertise and personal competencies 70-83
Ellen Sjoer  / Petra Biemans
A design-based (pre)recruitment approach for new professions: defining futureproof job profiles 84-100
Eugenia Stamboliev
On Care Robots and the Ethics of Tracking 101-117
Brad Tabas  / Klara Kövesi
Sustainable Development and Diversifying Competencies Curricula 118-131
Gareth Thomson
Which aspects of engineering degrees do graduates most value in their working lives? 132-141
Greet Langie  / Sofie Craps
Professional competencies in engineering education: the PREFERed-way 142-153
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