Teljes szám 5-158
Lectori Salutem! 5-6
Paul Grünke
Chess, Artificial Intelligence, and Epistemic Opacity 7-17
Mihaly Heder
A black market for upvotes and likes 18-39
Alexandra Karakas
Maintenance, function, and malfunction in technology 40-49
Aleksandra Kazakova
Responsibility in biomedical engineering education 50-60
Chang-Yun Ku
When AIs Say Yes and I Say No 61-76
Dániel Gergő Pintér  / Péter Lajos Ihász
Bridging Natural Language Processing AI technique and Corporate Communications 77-99
Krisztina Szabó
„Not Exactly Reading” 100-114
Zoltán Oszkár Szántó  / Petra Aczél  / János Csák  / Chris Ball
Foundations of the Social Futuring Index 115-132
Radu Uszkai
A Theory of (Sexual) Justice 133-146
Anda Zahiu
I, avatar: Towards an extended theory of selfhood in immersive VR 147-158
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