Teljes cikk: [pdf] DOI: Nyelv: en Szerző(k):  Roman Krzanowski  / Pawel Polak
Cím: The Internet as an Epistemic Agent (EA) Absztrakt: We argue that the Internet is, and is acting as, an EA because it shapes our belief systems, our worldviews. We explain key concepts for this discussion and provide illustrative examples to support our claims. Furthermore, we explain why recognising the Internet as an EA is important for Internet users and society in general. We discuss several ways in which the Internet influences the choices, beliefs, and attitudes of its users, and we compare this effect with those of psychological conditioning and brainwashing techniques. Finally, we present examples where the Internet’s epistemic agency acts at scale, affecting large portions of society rather than individuals.
A folyóirat kiadását a Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem Gazdaság- és Társadalomtudományi Kara támogatja.