Full Article: [pdf] DOI: https://doi.org/10.22503/inftars.XX.2020.4.5 Language: en Author(s):  Mihály Héder
Title: A criticism of AI ethics guidelines Abstract: This paper investigates the current wave of Artificial Intelligence Ethics GUidelines (AIGUs). The goal is not to provide a broad survey of the details of such efforts; instead, the reasons for the proliferation of such guidelines is investigated. Two main research questions are pursued. First, what is the justification for the proliferation of AIGUs, and what are the reasonable goals and limitations of such projects? Second, what are the specific concerns of AI that are so unique that general technology regulation cannot cover them? The paper reveals that the development of AI guidelines is part of a decades-long trend of an ever-increasing express need for stronger social control of technology, and that many of the concerns of the AIGUs are not specific to the technology itself, but are rather about transparency and human oversight. Nevertheless, the positive potential of the situation is that the intense world-wide focus on AIGUs will yield such profound guidelines that the regulation of other technologies may want to follow suite.
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